Into the developed countries market China smart phone ready

Issuing time:2017-12-01 00:00

The pace of global expansion of Chinese smartphone makers has drawn the attention of European media. The Financial Times recently reported that "Chinese handset makers are now aggressively entering the European market after gaining substantial numbers of users in both home and emerging markets." The Financial Times said the reason for the comments is that the Chinese millet handset is being prepared for Spain Ship "hundreds of thousands."

Compared with the European media "fuss", for China's smart phone into Western Europe and other developed countries market news, interviewed industry experts seem quite calm. They generally believe that after years of deep plowing in both local and emerging markets, China's smartphones already have a complete production chain and the ability to serve overseas customers. Coupled with the market development experience in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, China's smartphones further open up the market for developed Western Europe The time has come for the national market.